This and That

I have all sorts of random things running through my mind today. In no particular order – here they are! I have tried all sorts of chew toys for Big Bad Bruiser Bear.  And even the ones that are ‘guaranteed for 1 year’ he managed to chew pieces off in 2 hours (or less!)  Love … More This and That

Pet Insurance

To buy or not to buy?  That is the question, isn’t it?   I have had pet insurance ever since my first lab, Dakotah, died of cancer at 1 1/2 years of age.  We only did one chemo treatment on her – the cancer was all over her body but I decided I would spend … More Pet Insurance

Whole Dog Journal

This amazing little newsletter has been my constant companion for years and I highly recommend a $39.00 annual subscription.   I have shared articles about health conditions, training problems, food and toy recommendations with many of my friends and family.  And one time I shared it with a neurological vet when my beloved Sierra had an episode … More Whole Dog Journal

Animal Assisted Therapy

I became involved with Animal Assisted Therapy after reading about what was then ‘Delta Society’ (now Pet Partners) in my quarterly newsletter from the Arizona Humane Society.  I took the training at the Campus for Compassion that had recently opened in 2003 and subsequently Sierra was registered with them and we became a team. My first … More Animal Assisted Therapy

tPEMF for Pain Management and Rehab Therapy for Dogs

And for cats, equine, sharks, birds……..all have been treated with the Assisi Animal Health tPEMF Loop (targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy).  This is an amazing alternative and non invasive therapy that can be used on all animals for acute onset and/or chronic painful conditions, such as osteoarthritis (OA). This technology is FDA approved for use … More tPEMF for Pain Management and Rehab Therapy for Dogs

Canine Allergies

Butterscotch has suffered from pretty serious allergies since she was a young pup.  She licked and sucked on her paws continually, making them very red and occasionally they would bleed as well.  Her bottom was also itchy and she would drag it across the floor or grass in an effort to try to scratch it.  … More Canine Allergies

Dog Acne? Yep!

My little boy Bear – one year old yellow lab had a bunch of red bumps on his chin for several weeks.  They would get redder, even get little scabs as though they had been bleeding, although I never saw the blood.  A few days would pass and the bumps would clear up and more … More Dog Acne? Yep!

Why Blog?

Today is my first day of writing a blog.  Something I have thought about and considered for so long, I can’t remember when the idea originally germinated.  Every time something would happen with my dogs, or someone else’s dogs or I would learn something new – I would think….I HAVE to share this information.  Someone … More Why Blog?