Rescue or Breeder or both?

Rescuing a dog is one of the most compassionate and loving things a human can do.  Shelters around the country aim for a day when they become obsolete – because there are enough private rescues in communities that have come together to care for homeless pets.

There are also people who buy their favorite breed  from a reputable dog breeder.  This is not to be confused with pet stores that sell breed specific dogs and puppy mills – both with horrific legacies of overbred females, poor living conditions and sickly pups.  Also not to be confused with big box pet stores who have dogs and cats available for adoption and enthusiastically support local pet rescues.

The question often debated is this:  Why spend a lot of money buying a pure bred (fill in the blank) when so many dogs need good, loving homes?  Further, if there is no market for pure bred dogs, those mostly illegal puppy mills will definitely become a thing of the past.   In many ways, it is a good argument and if you are someone like me, the number of dogs sitting in rescues, animal control or roaming the streets makes you sick to your stomach.

I have quite a few friends that have a mixture of rescued and pure bred dogs in their pack, or who foster pups for local rescues, so have a revolving door of dogs coming through their home.    I hope to join the ranks of fostering in the not too distant future and I think this is an area that many people could help out with.  Save lots more dogs but not have the long term care for them (unless you are a failure at fostering 🙂 ).

What do you think?  I’d like to hear your feedback and opinions – let me know what I am missing!


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