Did the Cannabis Help?

I wanted to give you an update since it has been a while from my last post and that was about my experiment with Canna Companion for Forrest.  Unfortunately, I decided to discontinue the use of the product, mostly due to the diarrhea he was having.  He was also on antibiotics at the time and the diarrhea could have been due to those drugs, in fact probably was.  But it made sense to me to eliminate everything that was ‘new’ to his diet and that included supplements.  For the brief time he was on the Canna Companion, I can’t tell you I noticed any beneficial changes with his mobility.  The company advises benefits may not be immediately observed, in fact can take as long as 3-4 weeks to see any positive changes and/or benefits.  Apparently it takes those cannabinoid receptors a while to ‘wake up’ as they describe it and could well be why nothing seemed to be happening with Forrest in 5-6 days.  In addition, Forrest is very old and has such significant orthopedic and spinal issues, it just might not be strong enough to help his particular situation.  I personally would try this again for my pets who were having either acute or chronic pain.   The science behind the drug seems to be legit and will be even more so once true clinical trials (for animals) start.

Looking for snacks or treats…..either will do!

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