Medical Marijuana for Pets?

Well, sort of!  The products that are available on line have little to no THC, but are derived from various strains of hemp that (may) have purported health benefits for animals.  One of the producers of this product, Canna Companion says their strain of Cannabis sativa can aid the GI tract, Neurological function, comfort and care (end of life), immunity, mobility and joint and demeanor (i.e.situational anxiety).  I have been looking into this for Forrest, my 15 yr. 4 month old yellow lab, mostly with the intent to help the pain his IVDD and osteoarthritis is causing him.  I am also hopeful if this helps, I can reduce some of his other medication that has the potential to harm his organs.

There are three (that I could find) companies I have looked into; Treatibles (, Canna Companion ( and Canna-Pet (  There was a very short article on this subject in Whole Dog Journal in December 2015 but there isn’t a lot of information there.  One of the reasons is that are no clinical studies done on this and vets cannot legally prescribe or discuss marijuana for animals.

Here is the link to the WDJ article:

My brief research on these three companies yielded this info:

Treatibles makes treats only and their website doesn’t have any information about the people running the company or making the treats.  These treats have only CBD (Cannabidiol) in them and this may not be as effective as the other products where the entire hemp plant is used.  It may also cause adverse effects with your pet.

Canna-Pet has a great picture of the cannabinoid receptor locations in dogs.  They have both treats and pills and work with Colorado State University Vet School refining their product, as well as CSU produced a report on Canna Pet hemp products.   The web site claims some pet insurance will pay for the medication if prescribed by a vet.

Lastly is Canna Companion, whose founders and current employees are almost entirely made up of DVM’s .  They also have a advisory board made up  of DVM’s.  One of them, Dr. Cowen,  will be instrumental in the creation of the academic/scientific platform that will permit the Company to conduct a recognized clinical trial on the Canna Companion formulations and will act as the chief investigator in qualifying and quantifying the results of that trial.  This is the product I am going to try on Forrest – I like that the company is made up of vets, that clinical studies will be done to validate the science behind using cannabis on dogs and that they have identified the individuals driving this company.






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