Dog Acne? Yep!

My little boy Bear – one year old yellow lab had a bunch of red bumps on his chin for several weeks.  They would get redder, even get little scabs as though they had been bleeding, although I never saw the blood.  A few days would pass and the bumps would clear up and more or less go away.  Until one Saturday when I looked at his chin and not only were they back, they had spread across his lower jaw, red, oozing blood and looking just awful.  Off to the vet we go, with me feeling especially bad since I had been debating for weeks to take him to the doctor and just never got around to it.  This is SO not who I am….all of my vets would characterize me as the person most likely to visit with one of my dogs if anything appears to be wrong.   John (Dr. Nick – Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital) took one look at Bear and said ‘ Acne.’  Which made me laugh because that is what I had thought these bumps looked like all along.  John said that dogs often get this – from a still developing immune system but that it may be a condition that continues through his life.  Prescribed antibiotics and a daily wash with Malasab shampoo.  The antibiotic used was Simplicef – one I haven’t run across in the past.  This antibiotic is often used for skin conditions and until Bear, none of our labs have ever had problems with their skin.  We are almost two weeks into the treatment and the bumps are just about gone.  I wish I had taken a picture of him when this started, it was so bad but here is a picture of another dog as a reference.  Black Dog with Acne

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