Your Dog and Hot Weather

It’s going to be 120 degrees here on Sunday – there are not words to describe how hot that is but you can bet if we humans cook at that temperature, our dogs  will be even more miserable than their owners.

Summer in Arizona can be especially difficult for people who have dogs.  Most of us humans struggle with the heat here, even those that have lived here a long time.
Dogs don’t enjoy heat, they cannot sweat like humans can.  They mostly use their mouth and tongue via panting to cool off.  They wear some sort of a fur coat, unless you have a Chinese Hairless dog and the smaller the dog, the more the heat is going to get to them.
I admit I go nuts and get over the top angry when I see people walking their dogs at 11am or later and it’s 105 outside.  The human has a hat and shoes on and probably is carrying a water bottle.
The rule of thumb is this – if you cannot walk on the sidewalk or asphalt barefoot, you shouldn’t be walking your dog.
If you leave your dog outside for any period of time (not recommended) make sure they have 1) shade all the time 2) lots of fresh, cool water, 3) a small play pool and/or fan to help them stay cool.
The ideal time to walk your dog is very early in the morning or late at night, making sure the asphalt is cool to the touch.  Leave your dog in your home, either in a crate or an area that is doggy proof.  I have three labs – the one year old puppy gets put in his crate, the 3 year old has the run of the house and my 15 year old does as well, although he doesn’t run much.  😕
Here is a great chart that helps you understand what heat does inside a car and to the temperature of asphalt.  Be sure to share this information with your friends – the more dogs we can keep safe from heat, the better!
AZ Humane Societryhot car safety

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