Why Blog?

Today is my first day of writing a blog.  Something I have thought about and considered for so long, I can’t remember when the idea originally germinated.  Every time something would happen with my dogs, or someone else’s dogs or I would learn something new – I would think….I HAVE to share this information.  Someone out there might need and/or want it.  And there have been times when I considered the information potentially life saving as well.  I finally took the plunge and created this blog.  It is a work in process, so if you have something constructive to say or add to a conversation, I am happy to hear from you.  I want to preface any comment I have about vets, medicine, or canine medical problems with this caveat – I have no training in animal sciences, either as a vet tech or a vet.  My comments are based on my personal experiences over the last 20 years of raising labs and while I have opinions on a lot of dog related subjects, most of them are just that……opinions.

So let the fun begin!  I hope to be posting most days, so check back frequently for the ‘topic of the day.’  Please send me questions and/or suggestions on topics you would like me to address – it may be a particular subject is already on my blog topic list!

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