How To Move a Big Dog

FoFo had pneumonia back in March – he had been to the vet early in the day and I started him on antibiotics immediately but my vet, John Nick at Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital, warned me his temperature might spike.  And it did around 8pm……to 1o4 degrees.  Not in a danger zone but I didn’t know what or how to treat it and my fear was that it would keep going up.  FoFo was very lethargic, even more so than he had been earlier in the day.  Dave helped me lift him into the car and off I went to the emergency vet.

Which leads me to the title of this blog – what do you do with a sick dog (or other species for that matter) and you can’t lift them to get them to the car and/or into the car?  I have been to this rodeo a few times and the emergency clinics always roll a gurney out to my truck but without Dave’s help, I would not be able to navigate FoFo into my Explorer.  And emergencies always occur late at night when I would not want to call one of my neighbors for help.

So, I started looking into gurney’s – they would need to have casters and be able to roll AND they would need to have some way to lower the table to the ground, so I could conceivably pull Forrest onto the tabletop.  Have you ever Googled on animal gurney’s?  Yikes!  $2500 for a good one that plugs into a wall socket so they can electronically raise and lower the table.  Clearly not within my budget but I did find this little jewel on Amazon.  Less than $200, shipping was free (I have a Prime membership)  As you can see from the picture, there is a foot lever that raises the table and the hand lever lowers it.  I am getting some tie down straps from Home Depot – to be sure he doesn’t slip or fall of the gurney.

I am going to use the harness I got a couple of years ago when Kahuna was sick to pull FoFo onto the gurney.  It was recommended by my stellar vet, Dr. Diane Paster and it is such a strong harness that I could literally dead lift Kahuna without any help.  And he weighed 85+ lbs.  It may be that I never have to use this but I have some comfort that I could manage an emergency situation when Dave’s not home.

What do you think of my solution?  Is this something that concerns you or you are afraid you could be in a similar situation?

image (7) image (5)

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