Thyroids and Collars

Do these two words seem to have no correlation with one another?  Turns out they do and in a pretty important way. An interesting article on thyroid disease in the #WholeDogJournal this month (December 2016 – An Integrative Approach to Hypothyroidism).  What really caught my eye was the side-bar titled, ‘Do Collars damage the thyroid?’ … More Thyroids and Collars

Forrest of Dreams

  Two weeks ago I had to do what is probably the hardest thing for me, ever, and that is say goodbye to my beloved pup, Forrest.  He was the last pup from Sierra’s litter in 2001 – Wren went first, then Kahuna, then Sophie and last sweet FoFo.  It’s the end of a era, … More Forrest of Dreams